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Veterinary Surgery

Our Orlando vets perform a range of different surgeries 7 days a week, like soft tissue surgery, spay and neuter surgery, and more.

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Veterinary Surgery

We have a wide range of veterinary surgery options for cats and dogs at our Orlando clinic, and we follow strict surgical guidelines to make sure they are safe.

During each pet surgery, a nurse will give your pet anesthesia and use electronic patient monitoring equipment to keep an eye on him or her at all times. In addition, pain management will also be offered to people who need it.

Following veterinary surgery, we want to keep an eye on your pet's recovery and make sure they don't have any pain. A lot of information about how to take care of your pet at home will also be given to you by your vet.

Veterinary Surgery, Orlando Veterinary Surgeon

What to Expect from Vet Surgery

We always tell you why we think your pet needs veterinary surgery and what kind of care it will need at home afterward. At our clinic, we follow strict surgical guidelines.

Surgical Procedures

At MetroWest Veterinary Clinic, we do medical and emergency surgeries to treat pets' illnesses and injuries, or to fix them after they've been hurt in accidents.

These are some surgeries our Orlando vets do on a regular basis:

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    For pets with ear, nose, and throat problems, we can do soft tissue surgery.

    These procedures can also be used to treat hepatic, urogenital, oncological, cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, and skin problems.

  • Spaying & Neutering

    When we spay or neuter a cat or dog, we surgically sterilize them to keep them healthy and give them a longer life expectancy.

  • Mass Removal

    Cats and dogs can get lumps on their skin. If you have a body cavity, you can also have masses grow inside it that are dangerous or even deadly.

    Both cats and dogs can have surgery to remove masses from their bodies.

  • Wounds

    Wounds happen when living tissue is cut, broken, burned, torn, or otherwise damaged. They happen when living tissue is cut, broken, burned, torn, or otherwise damaged.

    You need to clean, disinfect, and care for these wounds right away by a qualified veterinarian who knows how to do it.

The Vet Surgery Process

Bringing your pet in for surgery can be scary. We know that Please know that we only recommend surgery when it is in your pet's best interest.

When we recommend surgery, we want to make sure that you fully understand why, and that you are comfortable with the idea of going through with the plan.

If your pet needs more advanced treatment, our vets will send you to a veterinary surgeon near Orlando. We'll work closely with your vet to make sure your pet gets the best care possible.

Surgical protocols at our clinic include:

Pre-surgical assessments.  We make sure blood tests have been done and reviewed by the vet so that we can figure out if your pet is at risk for anesthesia-related complications. We will also make sure the specifics of the procedure are clear. This assessment must be done anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

Dedicated surgical suites. We perform surgery in a special surgical room. This room is kept completely clean to keep infections and cross-contamination from happening.

Surgical attire. Our staff always wears disposable caps and masks when they are in the surgical room. This is to keep them from getting sick. They will also wear sterile gowns and gloves that are only good for one use.

Sterile packs and equipment. Before each surgery, we clean, sterilize, and wrap up all of our surgical instruments and equipment.

New Patients Welcome

MetroWest Veterinary Clinic is welcoming new patients! Our Orlando vets can't wait to get to know you and your companion. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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